3 Benefits of a Holistic Marketing Strategy

Imagine you have before you, an empty glass. Your goal is to fill it entirely. Now imagine you have three piles, one of larger stones, one of smaller pebbles and another of sand. How do you go about filling the glass entirely? You use all three piles respectively, to fill all the gaps and fill the glass. We’ve just demonstrated holistic marketing. Each pile represents marketing channels and brand strategies. They each possess their strengths alone, but when combined, achieve the greater marketing goal. How many strategies feed into your marketing platform? Do they all work together? Here are three benefits to this holistic approach.

Budget Efficiencies

A healthy mix of communications efforts, internal, relationship, societal and integrated strategies, can help make the most of your budget. Costs can quickly accumulate if you’re focusing only on some of the traditional advertising methods. For example, if you’re promoting a time-sensitive sale with a television ad, make sure you’re also promoting that sale internally with staff, throughout all social media, within your referral program as well as your website. Whatever your largest channel may be, be sure to cross-promote throughout all resources. Supplement the significant budget investments with smart, supportive strategies to maximize engagement and increase R.O.I.

Brand Consistency

A holistic design of your campaigns can help drive frequency and preserve consistency. Each aspect of your customer-facing engagement should complement the other and drive the same core brand. Your advertising, public relations, social media, and website should all promote the same company experience. You use the same logo across all print materials and digital presences, consider the same approach with traditional, digital and organic marketing.

Brand Reach

Integrating various strategies will help increase your brand reach. There are thousands of venues in which to deliver your message. You won’t be able to leverage all of them. Choose your channels wisely to maximize your reach to the right audience. Know your audience and develop personas to represent them best. Use that demographic to help determine which channels make the most sense for your business. Stay consistent with your message throughout to preserve your brand but be mindful of changing the tone to match each persona.

Take a look at your current advertising strategy. On which platforms do you currently advertise? Do you see results? Are you trying to fill your glass with just one sized stone? If you think you could be enhancing your strategy or need ideas on how best to implement a holistic approach, contact us!


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