4 E-Mail Campaign Tips for Family Owned Businesses

As the owner of a family business, you likely already know how effective a strong e-mail campaign can be. However, not all e-mail campaigns are created equal, and it is up to you as a business owner to ensure that each e-mail campaign is relevant, engaging, and helpful in conveying your family values to customers. Below are four tips for family-owned businesses to follow as they design their e-mail campaigns.

1) Share the story behind your family business

People like to connect with people, so putting a personal face with your business is key.” – Tyler Botsford, Green Monkey Marketing

Customers are often curious about how businesses develop and rise to success. In particular, they enjoy hearing about the creative measures taken to help family businesses prosper. You can use your e-mail campaigns to provide customers with interesting details about how your business evolved to become what it is today. Don’t leave out the personal details. Authenticity is king in today’s connected world. 

2) Highlight the special skills of employees

Do you have an employee who recently earned a special certification in a key area? Or perhaps an employee who is fluent in multiple languages? If so, use your e-mail campaign to recognize their accomplishments and emphasize their special skills to customers. Your employees are often the differentiators for your customers and allow your business to stand out among the competition. 

3) Make sure customers know they are valued

A well-crafted e-mail campaign is a great means by which you can let your customers know that you appreciate their support. Here are a few ways that you can let your customers know that you value them:

  • Encourage customers to provide their feedback about your company and products
  • Involve customers in new product launches by offering free trials and product demos
  • Recognize customers and thank them for their support
  • Reward your top customers and let them know how much they matter to the business

4) Engage your audience

“Bring value to the marketplace and it will return value to you>” -Tyler Botsford, FOunder Green Monkey Marketing

Using your e-mail campaign to keep your audience engaged is a strategy that promotes loyalty and return business among customers. You can foster engagement by offering customer contests and promotions, and by inviting customers to respond to survey questions. Remember that the best forms of engagement come from two-way communication. If customers begin to communicate make sure to continue the conversation. 

What is the single best way to create a stellar e-mail campaign?

As outlined above, there are many steps a family business owner can take to develop a fruitful e-mail campaign. However, the single best way to build a successful e-mail campaign is to enlist the guidance of a trusted digital marketing expert. We invite you to contact us to learn why we have become a leading provider of marketing services for family-owned businesses in Colorado and across the United States. We look forward to becoming your trusted resource for all of your marketing needs!


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