Consistency is King! 3 Important Aspects of Your Marketing That Simply Must Match

Marketing your mid-sized business can be tricky. Maybe you have multiple platforms of products or services to offer. Maybe your audiences vary from market to market. You’re investing budgets across multiple channels and structuring for results. Don’t undermine those investments and efforts by diluting your brand with inconsistent marketing practices. Here are three fundamental aspects of your marketing that absolutely must be consistent for maximum R.O.I.

What are your colors?

You’ve invested in a fresh logo design that best represents your company character and brand. Make sure your logo is appropriately captured and represented across all your media channels and printed materials. PMS colors, or Pantone Matching System, can specifically isolate your colors and guarantees consistency across digital and printed materials. Using a vectored, or .eps format, version of your logo for all design work helps preserve the integrity by allowing resizing and editing without compromise of the original design. In addition to your colors and logo, be aware of your company-wide font representation to ensure consistency there as well.

What is your message?

All your marketing efforts should reflect the same company message. Avoid using a variety of slogans or headline statements. Avoid using unnecessary, clich√© statements like, ‘state of the art,’ or ‘best customer service,’ as they are common in various industries. Find the phrase or message that is unique to your company philosophy and own it everywhere you place your name. It is ideal to have a company mission statement or brand message that will allow implementation across multiple channels. By promoting the consistent message, you train your audience to recognize your company.

What is your tone?

Your company narrative and tone can be great marketing assets. Be sure you’re consistent everywhere in every representation of that narrative. If your story is one of innovation, then insist all marketing efforts promote the same innovative tone. If your story encourages humble beginnings, then insist all marketing efforts depict the same empathetic tone. Build on the narrative you’ve created by promoting in a manner which allows your audience to identify with it.

A company may often market to different audiences through different channels. But those that are most successful are those that maintain consistency throughout the variety. Stay true to your core company designs and build your top of mind awareness exponentially. For more information on how best to streamline your consistency efforts, contact us. We can help you assess your current strategies and offer solutions that get results.


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