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After your small business catches a prospective customer’s eye, you need to make an amazing first impression. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your website design is not only aesthetically appealing but user-friendly, too. These two aspects of site design go hand in hand with developing brand recognition, reputation, and loyalty. You can have one element without the other, but customers tend to have little patience for beautiful sites that aren’t easy to navigate or straightforward sites that look like they’re from the early days of the internet. A well thought-out site goes a long way in communicating that your business cares about the customer experience.

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At Green Monkey Marketing, you’ll find a team of dedicated web designers who are here to help. From the get-go, we’ll take a look at your current site (if you have one) and work with you to find out exactly what you want and need on your new site. We’ll take all of your suggestions, ideas, and thoughts, examine your competitors’ sites for their strengths and weaknesses, and put together a basic outline that covers all of your sites must-haves. Then, once we’re sure that we’ve got the necessary elements covered, our website designers will provide you with mock-ups for your new site. You can then choose which design you like best and we’ll start making your new website a reality.

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If you need a website or you’ve come to the realization that your site needs a makeover, here are some things to think about before you start moving forward:

What other sites do you like? Take note of the design, navigation, or color elements that you may want to use for your website.

What are the crucial elements of your site? This may be related to how your navigation menus are structured, pages for certain products/services, etc.

What kind of color scheme would you like? Do you want your website to show off bold colors or feature more muted colors?

Are there themes or styles that you want to avoid? If there’s something you definitely don’t want on your site, make a note of that and let us know.

What types of features do you want or need on the backend? We use WordPress sites, which offer a lot of functionality. They can be further tailored to meet your specific need

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Quality, Service, Dedication

First and foremost, we want to be your Lakewood website designers! Our team knows and loves Colorado. More importantly, we understand the significant changes the state has experienced over the past few years.

We remain dedicated to providing marketing services to small businesses. Small businesses are the lifeblood of Colorado. We want to make sure that you, as a small business owner, still have affordable access to any web design services you may need.

Our team is super talented. So, we’re bragging here a little, but we’re proud of our web designers. Whether you’re interested in a unique look for your design project or you’d rather stick with a simple, but elegant, design, they’ll help you out.

We use WordPress for maximum performance. On the front-end, WordPress sites look beautiful and they’re extremely user-friendly. The backend is also very easy to use. This means that if you ever want to make changes on your own after the design is complete, you won’t have any problem. This is especially useful if you want to update content or other items. Furthermore, WordPress sites are optimized for search engine indexing and social media integration.

Quality and service above all. We want to help your small business thrive. That means we’ll make sure that we listen and address all of your needs and wants during the design process. You should have a website that you’re proud of and we want to provide that for you.

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