How to Create a Free Logo for Your Business

Quick Guide to Creating Your Own Business Logo for Free

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Having a logo is an important element of your business. Now, if you don’t want to design one yourself, you can use 99 Designs * and they will design a beautiful logo for you. But if you’d like to design one yourself, read on.

  1. Go to and click on Launch Web App to get to the editor.
  2. After that click on Create New Image.
  3. Start by adjusting the size of your canvas to reflect how large you’d like your logo to be. I usually start by finding basic clipart that works with the logo I have in mind. You can get free clipart images at, which has basic images available. If you’re interested in images more than clipart, there’s a site called This site has a large variety of images, just make sure you’re searching for free images.
  4. When you find the image you want, right-click and select Save Image Address.
  5. Go back to pixlr and click File, Open Image URL, and paste the image URL.
  6. There may be some inconsistency between the image you selected and the size of your canvas. In that instance, adjust the size of the image by going up to Images and selecting Image Size from the dropdown. Change the dimensions of the image to fit onto your canvas.
  7. Select the image with Control-A, then Control-C to copy the image, click on your blank canvas, and Control-V to paste the image onto the canvas.
  8. If you need to move the image on your canvas, select the arrow button at the top right of your Tools bar.
  9. To add text to your canvas, click on the A button in the Tools bar. Type in your text and you’ll have the ability to choose a font, size, color, and alignment. Click on OK when you’re done.
  10. On the left, you’ll see a section called Layers, which has automatically created different layers for each element of your logo (image, text, etc.). If you need to change any aspect of your logo, you’ll need to make sure that layer is selected.
  11. To get rid of any whitespace, select the crop button at the top left of the Tools bar. This will allow you select only the parts of your canvas you’d like to keep in the final version.
  12. Click away from your final selection and then OK in the popup to confirm the cropping.
  13. To save your logo, go up to File and click on Save. Type in the file’s name, click OK, and then select where you’d like the file saved.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first logo!

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