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Secure Your Site for Your Customers


This package is designed to set up and configure your SSL certificate. This ensures that your site is completely secure and will show up to users as being a secure site. This adds an additional trust signal to your customers and clients. Not only will your site show as Secure to users but adding an SSL Certificate to your websites provides an additional trust signal to google, which may help with your rankings. When setting up your SSL, there are a few factors you need to consider in order not to lose any traction in Google. Let us set up your SSL the right way.

This includes:

  • SSL Certificate Setup
  • 301 Redirects of All Internal Links
  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS Pages
  • Test Pages to Ensure Smooth Transition
  • Google Change of Address
  • Google Analytics Information Update

In addition to the setup and first year payment, there is an annual fee of $100 per year for small to medium size sites.


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